Duke It Out: Forgive a Cheater?

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We love a strong woman, so we thought we’d give her a real forum to discuss her thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. Every Friday I’ll be featuring a hot topic (like strippercising!) and leaving it up to you, the readers, to duke it out. So, read it and get your debate on in the comments section below!]

It’s like having your heart ripped out of your chest and tapped danced on by a sumo wrestler in stilettos – getting cheated on. And as if that’s not bad enough, the horrible feeling of being cheated on often comes along with it’s mustache-twirling evil twin – the repentant cheater – putting you in the awkward position of having to decide an important personal issue while a part of your soul is still being crushed into a fine powder.

Now I don’t condone cheating (if my boyfriend is reading this, don’t even think about it, pal!) but there are actually people who cheat once and would never do it again. Sometimes it’s a stupid thing like partying way too hard and making a bad decision. Other times it’s a stupid thing they choose to do once and realize what a horrible mistake it was. Either way, a lot of these people end up cheating and then finding that they really don’t want to be with anyone but their partner.

But then again, isn’t that always the story? Nobody comes back and says “I’m probably gonna try not to cheat on you again for a while” and expects to be taken back. And the truth is – as begrudgingly as I admit it – some of us just aren’t designed for monogamy. Some people really do feel bad, but go right on doing it anyway (for anyone who’s ever had ice cream for dinner, you know what that’s like).

The sad fact is that, while there are exceptions, many people who cheat, cheat again. So even knowing that, should you take them back? Sure, you want to, a part of you is probably aching to, but does that mean you should? And what about the truly repentant? Should they be punished because of a statistical probability? Or should you just do this?

What do you think? Duke it out, ladies. Duke it out.

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