The CC Weekly Weigh In: We’re Free!


We have a lot of freedom here in the wonderful U.S.A. Freedom that people around the world would die for. Freedom that people around the world do die for. But do we appreciate that freedom? Not as much as we should. In fact, being that we’ve been raised to be independent and fearless females, there are a lot of freedoms we have that we don’t recognize often enough.

Tomorrow we celebrate Independence Day and in honor of that, I’m going to enjoy my freedom from my diet and eat 2 hot dogs I asked the ladies of CollegeCandy what freedom they appreciate most in their lives. Me? I love the chance to share my opinions with the world. And to eat ice cream for breakfast now that my parents aren’t watching me.

What about you?

Alex – Lakehead: I enjoy the freedom of doing what I want with my money. No student loans (yet!) is liberating!
Caitlin – University of Alabama: My freedom is being able to drink lots of wine by myself without feeling pathetic

K – GWU: I can’t help but be thankful for having a baller sound system in my car so I have the freedom to mourn Michael Jackson correctly (i.e blasting my MJ playlist 24 sev).

Kayla – California State University, Sacramento: My boyfriend is in the army and I am lucky to have him back home from a long separation. This Fourth of July, I’m celebrating freedom from running to the mailbox everyday in hopes of finding a letter. I’m celebrating freedom from fearing for his safety and comfort. And I’m celebrating freedom from celibacy!

Donnette – Manhattanville College: Freedom of EXPRESSION is the best. I like not being 7 when my mom told me what to wear!! If I want to wear a tutu and polka dot stockings I can.

Thu – USC: Staying out until the wee hours of the morning without having to report to anyone. Ahh, how I’m going to miss that next semester.

Marisa – Wesleyan University: I’m really looking forward to being free in just about every sense when I start college this fall. My independence day is September 1!

Vivian – Rutgers University: Freedom to stop shaving my legs after tights became fashionable again. What? You know you’ve done it too!

Kathryn – University of Wisconsin-Madison: The freedom to not have to write any papers, study for any exams, complete any group projects, or prepare any class presentations. The joys of being a college graduate!

Charlsie – Hollins: Currently, I love the freedom and independence of being abroad for the summer. Nothing is more amazing than being able to see new things, learn about another culture, and find yourself in it all at the end of the day.

Sara C – Fordham: It might sound ironic, but I love having independence from the internet when I’m away from my computer. Unlike what seems to be 99% of the population, I don’t have a Smartphone. I l-o-v-e having freedom from the chains of email and Facebook that have encircled most of my friends 24/7. When I’m offline, I am offline!

Cristina – Michigan State: I’m a big fan of being independent from the parents at school and coming home from a party at 5am if I feel like it with nobody to answer to but myself.  Hellz yea.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I’m permanently moving away from home this year and I’m free from having to clean up after my parent’s un-house trained dog! Yippie!

Kathryn S.: I broke up with a longtime boyfriend to pursue a career… and had the freedom to land the best job ever!

Dannia – Loyola University, Chicago: Now that I’m 21 I’m free from having to memorize a fake ID that looks absolutely nothing like me.

Carly – Grinnell: I just quit my job to work freelance and I am SOOOOO happy to have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want!

Lauren – University of Michigan: I should say that I’m so lucky to be able to be and do whatever I want as a woman, but what comes to mind first is the freedom I feel when I fart in a loud bar and no one can hear it.

Liza M – Minnesota: In winter, I love having the freedom to not shave my legs. I’m living in jeans and sweat pants anyway, so who’s gonna know?

Melanie – Northeastern: I love that I have the freedom til 2 pm on the weekends when I’m hungover. Too bad we don’t have the freedom to legally order drinks until age 21…

Ricki – University of Michigan: I love having the freedom to wear whatever crazy outfit I want without my mother telling me that I look ridiculous in strange prints or giant jewelry.

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