God’s Gift to Ailing Feet: The Fold-Up Ballet Flat

It’s Friday night and you’re heading out on the town with your friends. You’ve got on your cutest outfit and a killer pair of heels – you’re all set for a night of serious bar hopping.

Unfortunately, when you’re getting ready to leave the second bar you realize that you no longer have the ability to walk. Your balance is already a little thrown off by the amount of heavy drinking you’ve been doing, and now you have to walk in 6-inch stilettos? No thanks. That stool you’re perched on will be just fine for the rest of the night, thankyouverymuch.

You continue ordering drinks until the wee hours when you’re friends are finally ready to head home. You carefully step onto the sidewalk and within 5 minutes decide there is NO way you are walking home in those shoes. Fueled by all the alcohol you have consumed, you decide that you’re going to take off your shoes and walk home barefoot through the city. Classy.

Does this sound like a typical night to you? Are you sick of waking up in the morning with black feet/someone else’s chewed up gum between your toes? (True story…) Perhaps you should invest in a pair of Fit In Clouds fold-up flats.

The “Clouds” are portable flats that fold up and fit inside your purse. Since they are only slightly larger than an iPhone, these ballet flats will even fit in a clutch. Unlike flip flops, these shoes are actually cute. Seriously, they look like real flats. And the best part is, they only cost $18.95! So bring them out next time you plan on wearing those sky high heels, and the next morning you’ll wake up blister-free (or, you know, you won’t have to walk-of-shame it home in a pair of super obvious heels).

Fit In Clouds flats come in black, gold, and metallic pink. You can buy them online at fitinclouds.com.
To the women who created these: we salute you! There’s got to be a Nobel Prize for this, right?

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