I’m Torn: Anna Sui Does Gossip Girl for Target

I love Gossip Girl. Ever since I heard Kristin Bell’s first “xoxo” back in 2007, I’ve been hooked. GG’s got it all: drama, scandal, hot men, and adorable outfits. The thing about those outfits, however amazing they may be, is that they can be super expensive. So, when I heard that Anna Sui was designing a Gossip Girl inspired collection for Target, I had high hopes and was immediately excited. I even contemplated camping out at my neighborhood Target American-Idol-style the night before the line was released. But after spotting the collection online, I’m torn.

Love it:

Variety – I love that Anna decided to make a collection that showcases the style of all four Gossip Girl ladies: Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa. With the GG line, you have the opportunity to mix and match with different pieces inspired by each character, or just pick your favorite. I don’t know about you, but some days I’m a Blair and the next I’m Vanessa, so I like a collection that takes this change in style into account.

Price – Though specific prices for Anna’s collection haven’t been announced yet, it’s making it’s debut at Target, so it will definitely be budget-friendly. I might have loved the Marc Jacobs Joelle dress that Blair wore to the white party, but I most definitely do not like the price tag, or the fact that it is now sold out.

Wearability – Although I would love to be able to prance around campus in 5 inch stilettos and shirts dresses everyday a la Ms. Van Der Woodsen, it just is not practical for me. Short hemlines + tall shoes = disaster waiting to happen. Luckily though, Anna Sui found a way to emulate S’s (and B, Little J, and V’s) style in a more everyday fashion. It would be so easy to pull on any of these dresses over tights, leggings or a hot pair of socks and make them your own.

Loathe it:

Translation – Although the collection has some great looks, many of the pieces seem to have been lost in translation, or don’t fit the character’s they were inspired by. Whether this was an attempt to keep costs down, or if the design team only watched a few episodes of Gossip Girl, I’m not sure. Whatever the case though, some of these outfits are just plain weird. Serena’s outfit with the fitted bermuda shorts with bows and a vest, Vanessa’s puffy vest, Jenny’s textured tights and tie-up shirt, and pretty much all of Blair’s looks just don’t get it right; something’s off. (Perhaps the designers?)

Lack of pants – Gossip Girl by Anna Sui (or whatever they’re officially calling this line) undeniably offers some great skirts and dresses, but that’s pretty much it.  What about the skinny jeans? Shorts? Leggings? I realize that most of the outfits on the show are feminine and formal, but Serena, Vanessa, and our favorite bad girl Georgina most definitely rock pants from time to time.

Vanessa’s Looks – Why oh why are all of V’s outfits the same shades of brown, orange, and yellow?! Though she doesn’t have an Upper East Side sense of style, Vanessa’s outfits on the show are still colorful and generally pretty cute. Or at least different! Liquid leggings, a denim mini, and hot pink patent Doc Marten’s? That’s Vanessa. 70’s print orange and brown? Not so much. This girl loves neon!

So, Anna’s line is definitely slightly flawed, but it’s also the closest I’m ever going to get to an UES wardrobe. I’m so torn. What do you think??

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