Day-to-Night Styler: Beach Babe to Party Girl

Chances are you’ll be spending many days at the beach this summer. And chances are good that a day of sun time can often be topped off by a night of fun time out at the bars.  Heading out for some drinkies with the girls doesn’t mean you have to rush home to get ready; you can rock out the same outfit all day with a few quick fixes (and hey, tousled beach hair is damn sexy).

Bring along your trusty beach tote so you can carry all the beach essentials (towel, sunscreen, gossip mags & snackies) plus a couple quick add-ons (deodorant!) to make sure you look as hot as your skin feels.

Neon is a super popular trend this season and you can find adorable bikinis and tankinis (if your abs aren’t quite as hard as you’d like) that incorporate this trend for $24 at Wal-mart. Yes, Wal-mart! Yes, $24!

This cover-up from Target is the perfect solution for a summer day-to-night experience. It works four ways so you can wear it as a skirt over that bikini during the day, then pull it up for a cute strapless dress for night.  Could there be anything easier? I think not.

Flip flops are a beach necessity, and it’s hard to find many that are more comfy than Havaianas, not to mention they come in tons of fun colors, designs and styles. I’m loving the purple, mostly because I know my friends don’t have this color yet, so our flippies won’t get confused at the beach.

When it comes time to leave the sand and sun and head to the land o’ alcohol, switch the cover-up to dress mode, put on a pair of sassy wedge sandals, dangly earrings and a bracelet, and you’re set for some fun of the nighttime variety.

Run your fingers through your hair, spray on a little perfume and hit the bars to round out a perfect summer day.

(Do Not) Do It Yourself Projects
(Do Not) Do It Yourself Projects
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