Is Megan Fox Bad for Women?

If you ask a guy what he thinks of Megan Fox, 9 times out of 10 he’ll start drooling all over himself as he tries to explain how her hotness defies the laws of the universe (and that one other time, he’s probably gay). It’s easy to see what her appeal is to members of the male species: she’s beautiful like a young Angelina Jolie and plays up her sex appeal in her movie roles.

But then you watch her on a late-night talk show or read an interview with her in a magazine, and you wonder how any guy can find her sexy. Not only is it unbecoming for a young woman to say the things she says, but her comments are also unprofessional for any actor to say while promoting a film. No self-respecting professional in their right mind would mention their poor hygiene habits on national television!

And yet, men everywhere are enamored with her. Either they are able to look past her idiotic remarks, or they embrace them. If the latter is the case with Megan Fox, then we women have a problem.

That this type of woman – who comes across as a crude simpleton and takes on movie roles nearly pornographically portraying her body – is the ultimate male ideal, should trouble all women. Intentionally or not, the global obsession with her sends a message to women that perfection means impossible beauty and a serious lack of social graces, if not a lack of intelligence.

It’s true that women often objectify male celebrities in a similar way, but we seldom see such pandemonium over one actor/actress, especially one who has only had two major movie roles in her career thus far. And this commotion has to mean something, since all the tabloids and blogs can’t seem to stop writing about Fox.

What it means for women is that we have another damaging prototype to contend with. She may not be setting us back sixty years quite yet, but she certainly isn’t helping women achieve the level of respect in the media and in society that they deserve. Men can claim she’s just a harmless fantasy, but even fantasies can be very telling of what people truly think.

What do you think? Is Megan Fox trouble for women, or just a male fantasy?

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