Shopping Your Closet: Long Necklaces

While there is nothing better than hanging some brand new clothes into you over-stuffed closet, we’re in a recession and spending your money on another pair of jeans is just a waste. You’ve got plenty to work with already, and I’m here to show you how to do so in a fun, new and fashionable way.

Last week I showed you how to work a sundress and this week I’m going to dazzle you with fun new ways to wear all those necklaces you have hanging around (or, more likely, knotted together in a clump on your desk).

Long necklaces, like these from J. Crew, can add glamour to any basic look: a cardigan and tank, a dress, even a pantsuit (if, you know, you’re going for the Hilary Clinton look…)! But there are several other uses for long necklaces, as well. You just have to think outside the box a little bit.

1. Wrapped around a scarf.
To get this look, take a long, cotton scarf and fold it into a triangle. Next, roll the scarf so that it becomes one long, thin rope. Take your sparkly necklace and wind it around the scarf. Tie the ends of the scarf together and secure the necklace clasp as well.

This orange necklace/scarf was featured in, but is no longer available. Make your own with a black knit scarf from Gap ($19.50) and long faux pearl necklace from Forever 21 ($5.80).

2. In your hair.
For occasions that call for a glitzy headband, use a necklace instead! Tie hair into a loose bun, then wrap a long necklace around once or twice, depending on the length. Secure underneath the bun with bobby pins (and anywhere else needed). Here are some necklaces that would look ultrachic as headbands:

Left: $39.40 at White House Black Market; center: $8.80 at Forever 21; right: $40 at Betsey Johnson.

3. As a bracelet.
This is probably the easiest thing to do with a necklace – just wrap it around your wrist as many times as you can. If it’s a little loose, secure it at the bottom with  a safety pin. In the photo below from Just Jared, Kate Bosworth wears a David Yurman necklace as a bracelet. For cheaper options, check out Arden B (left, $28) or Forever 21 (right, $10.80).

There are a ton of other creative things you can do with necklaces, too. Attach a chain to leather boots or a handbag. Use one to cinch the waist of your favorite dress. The possibilities are endless!

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Warning: Be Careful Where You Sell Your Books!
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