Turn Up The Fun On Your Drinking

Personally, I think a good night of irresponsible drinking and partying is sometimes necessary. And by “sometimes,” I mean “college.” While you might regret it the next morning when you can’t roll over out of fear you will barf on that not-so-hot lad lying next to you, it’s always fun. But what if it could be more fun? I know you don’t think that’s possible, but I know for a fact that playing beer pong 7 nights in a row can get old. And those cups get mighty sticky.

Why not spice up a night of drinking with a few new toys? I’ve rounded up some of the coolest drinking toys on the market that every girl needs. You accessorize your clothes, so why not do the same with your booze?

Cocktail parties are always a good time. Everyone’s being all classy and mingling and chit-chatting with their cocktail o’ choice. Now imagine, in the center of your perfectly themed soiree, a fountain of the night’s leading cocktail flowing into party-goer’s glasses. Or, once the night really gets going, right into their mouths. Could you think of anything better?

So, you opened a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck with a friend but, despite how hard you try, you can’t finish it. But you also can’t get that stupid cork back in there. You don’t want to let that bottle go to waste, so what are you supposed to do? You need a bottle stopper, friend, namely this bottle stopper. Just stick that little guy in there and you’re good to go (that’s what she said).

Nobody likes a warm shot. That’s just…. ew, I threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it. So what better way to ensure that your shot goes down smooth as ice than to serve your liquor of choice in a shot glass made of ice! These awesome ice trays allow you to make ice shot glasses with anything: water, soda, or even alcohol itself! You can take the shot then chase it with the glass! Mama likey.

One of the worst party fouls is losing your drink. (OK, maybe it’s puking in your hand, but losing your drink really blows.) Granted, you aren’t supposed to leave your drinks unattended at the risk of being drugged, but that’s not the point. Let’s just say you are enjoying a cold beverage while lounging by yourself, your buzz is kicking in, you venture/stumble your way into the kitchen for munchies and on your way back, you can’t seem to locate your beer (or wine cooler, for those averse to all things beer). That’s when this genius inventions steps in and saves the day! A remote control beer pager…need I say more?

Have you ever tried making an ice luge? No? Well, it’s hard, time consuming and never comes out as pretty as you’d like. But they are so fun! And with this little guy from the guys at IceBooze.com, you can take shots off a luge whenever you want! (Yes, even if it’s for breakfast.) Just fill the mold, stick this it in your freezer (and it will fit!), then bring out the bottles for some icy shot deliciousness. Gift from God, I tell you.

Miss Manners: “Can I Have Yo Numba?”
Miss Manners: “Can I Have Yo Numba?”
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