Budget Stylista: Budget Buys for a Bangin Bod

So summer is half over.  Sad, I know. Before you know it you will be back at school for a week of activities.  And by activities, I obviously mean a week-long drink fest. Ah, the joys of welcome week. Only the best week of life that comes around once a year for four years. And of course you want to look your very best for your return to school before it all gets traded in for late night pizza runs.

The good news is its not too late to get moving.  And what’s more motivating than knowing you look damn good in your workout clothes? Nothing. Well, maybe that cute guy in the gym who will be seeing you in said cute workout clothes.  Sure you may be SO sweaty that your shirt looks like you just entered a wet t-shirt contest- but hey, at least it’s cute. And now, cheap as well.

Colorful, sweat absorbent, and most importantly you can still wear a workout bra with it, because we all know the feeling of holding on to your girls for dear life  when your top is not supportive enough (or is that just me?).

These will not only make your butt look cute, but they won’t ride down when you run (or sashay across the gym).

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Celebretard Showdown: Lady GaGa vs. Katy Perry
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