Duke It Out: T&A Jobs

Straight men spend approximately 3/4 of their day (OK, probably more) wishing that whatever they happened to be looking at involved boobs. As such, establishments that cater to straight men, like sports bars, realize that by filling their place of business with scantily clad women, they can get men to come in and buy… anything, actually. But does that make it OK to be one of those scantily clad women?

On one side of the argument are supporters of the girls who work there and like it. They say it’s just like any other waitressing gig, except that the outfits are smaller. Some girls find that they can make better tips in places like these, because the men are trying to win them over. They aren’t having sex, they’re just wearing small outfits – outfits that are quite a bit bigger than, say, what most of us wear to the beach. Some even argue that a part of what we fight for with feminism is the right to work in any profession we choose, even if that profession does pander to men, so to put a limit on what a woman can and can’t do with her own body or her own career would be anti-feminist.

The flip side of the argument is made by those who think that working in places where women show off their goods is exploitative and contrary to the equality women have fought so long for. They say that this kind of work sets girls back because it makes men view us as sex objects for their entertainment rather than equals. There are also rights issues, like the fact that only girls of a certain physical appearance are chosen for the jobs and are strictly forced to maintain that appearance (this woman was fired for being bruised after she was the victim of domestic violence). By the same virtue, men don’t get hired. There are also, of course, plenty of allegations toward both the establishments and patrons about sexual harassment.

So what do you think? Would you be willing to work in one of these “breastaurants”? Is it really setting women back? Or are all of these people just morally offended by a legitimate way of making a living?

Let us know what your vote is in the comments.

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