The Weekly Wrap Up: Goodbye MJ, Hellooo Weird People

Summer sure is flying by. As mid-July approaches, we have to start planning for the year ahead, whether that means going back to school in August, looking for an apartment, searching for a job, etc. But before we go there, we still got a couple of months left to enjoy the heat!

This week we got some great tips on how to make those summer days last all night with the beach babe to party girl accessories. (Don’t forget to accessorize the booze too!) But first you gotta remember to lather up on the sunscreen to protect yourself from those Cindy Crawfords you got on your body, because they can be super dangerous.

We got some awesome ideas to spice up those romantic (if you call painting each other romantic) summer dates, which may probably lead to something that we discussed a whole lot about this week, too: sex, or rather, making love. Is it possible that it can actually be too good? (That is, if he can always get it up, of course.) And what’s the absolute best way to avoid a bun in the oven?

This week definitely exposed us to some crazy people in this world, like the woman who apparently thought she was a cosmetic surgeon, or the couple in Sweden who is raising their child without a gender. Not to mention the woman with the strongest vajay.

In addition to saying goodbye to the infamous MJ, we also gave a wave to Zac and Chase’s bangs, though both will always live on in our hearts.

And now it’s Friday. Thank. God. If you’re going out for a night on the town, be sure to spice up the evening’s outfit with some of the latest fashion porn, or if you’re just into the porn part, that’s okay too…I guess.

G.W.W.E.: Daniel “Wizardly Womanizer” Radcliffe
G.W.W.E.: Daniel “Wizardly Womanizer” Radcliffe
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