We Can’t Get Enough Peen

Not gonna lie…this summer hasn’t been the friskiest for me. And I know this may sound creepy, but I feel like that guy from Superbad when he’s telling his friend that as a kid he went through a stage where he just couldn’t stop drawing penises. They were just, like, always on his mind.

So maybe it’s because of my dry spell or whatever, but for some reason, penises are just always on my mind lately, too. And since I’m not getting in me any time soon, I might as well look elsewhere to fill my penis void. Turns out, there is plenty of peen out there.

The Penis Bowl: “Take it and pass it” doesn’t sound quite as slutty with this guy.

Penis Soap: Yes, you can feel clean after you interact with one.

The Penis Pillow: Softer is better.

The Penis Cake: My two favorite things together as one.

The Penis Vase: If I can’t put a peen in my flower, I’ll put a flower in my peen.

The Dong Bong: Oh, when it hits your lips…

Budget Stylista: Budget Buys for a Bangin Bod
Budget Stylista: Budget Buys for a Bangin Bod
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