I’m Torn: Boy Best Friends

We all have one. Some of us have two. You know who I’m talking about – that one guy you go to for just about everything. Whether you cuddle during chick flicks or meet up to play a game of basketball, you rely on him because he’s your boy best friend. The one who advises you, entertains you and buys you drinks at the bar when no one else will. It’s kind of like having a girl BFF…except you find him kind of, well, sexy.

I love the idea of the male best friend, but its the reality that I’m torn about…

Love it:

Sometimes you just need to get away from girls. They’re catty, annoying and borrow your clothes without asking. Plus, girls are so dramatic. It’s one thing to watch it on Gossip Girl, but dealing with crazy girl drama in real life just sucks. Guys on the other hand, are pretty much drama free. They don’t PMS, have great perspective on your relationship issues and love chauffeuring you around. They’re also good for reaching things on high shelves, scaring away creepy guys when you’re hitting the bar and carrying around your stuff.

The boy best friend makes a great stand-in wedding date, and your parents probably love him, unlike the last boy you dated. Oh, and it’s really fun to bring up tampons in conversation and watch him freak. the eff. out.

Loathe it:

Have you ever seen When Harry Met Sally? Males and females just aren’t meant to be friends. I still can’t accept that platonic relationships exist. At some point, you’re going to end up liking him, or he’s going to end up liking you. Very often, this happens at different times and one person ends up getting their heart broken. Trust me, it sucks. And if for some odd reason you don’t fall in love with one another, things are going to end the minute one of you falls for someone else. The whole dynamic will be off or, more likely, someone’s significant other is going to feel threatened and the drama (that you attempted to avoid by BFFing with a boy) will begin.

I guess having a gay best friend would be OK, but you’ll probably end up having a crush on him anyway. Or he’ll drag you to gay clubs every weekend and make you be his wingwoman.

The entire thing really seems like a bad idea in the end. But I do like the idea of always havin’ a guy around. What do you think? Is your BBFF your favorite accessory, or is maintaining a platonic relationship just too hard?

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