Wardrobe Wish List: Colored Shorts


I recently went to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a massive electronic music festival/rave, and saw some wicked cool costumes. While I didn’t go all out with leather and lace like some party-goers, I did enjoy stepping away from my usually more conservative outfits and wearing neon bright clothes. I liked it enough, in fact, that I figured I could try to work them into my daily summer wardrobe.

And why not? When paired with the right articles of clothing, bright pieces are a super easy way to add color and fun to your look.

The easiest way to incorporate color is with a bright pair of shorts. Sure, you have your reliable blue or black jean shorts that practically go with everything (so you can grab the nearest clean – or not – top), but colored shorts would make the outfit more vibrant and exciting. I picked up these shorts featuring destroyed cuffs from Wet Seal, and at $12.50, they won’t make you feel too guilty about dipping into your account for a “novelty” item. They come in a couple of other colors, and  if the cutoff look isn’t your thing, other styles are offered in even more colors.

I’ve been pairing these with a basic top (white or gray v-neck, anyone?), some key accessories and flip flops and my summer look has been instantly amped up. I’m even considering heading back to Wet Seal and getting every color they got.

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