Which Harry Potter Hottie Is The Hottest? [Poll]


I’m definitely from the “book is better than the movie” school, especially when it comes to Harry Potter. (They leave so much out!) But there is one reason why I keep shelling out $10 to watch the film adaptation of my favorite books of all time: the hotties.

But, which actor from the Harry Potter movies is the hottest?

The most popular choice seems to be Daniel Radcliffe, who plays The Boy Who Lived himself, but there have been many babes walking the halls of Hogwarts since The Sorcerer’s Stone was released in 2001. And most of those have been highly overlooked.

Who is your favorite? I’m partial to the new guy who plays Cormac McLaggen in the sixth movie (which is why I’ll be at a midnight showing on Wednesday…and then subsequent repeat viewings after that); he’s so hot it hurts! Hermione Granger Emma Watson is the luckiest girl in Hollywood.

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