Road Trippin’ For Some Sexy Time


I like traveling.  It’s pretty sweet.  Not only do you get the experience of having been in another country and surrounded by customs and traditions completely different (sometimes) from your own, but you also get bragging rights (ex: Oh last summer? I was in Malaysia. No big deal.).  Traveling also means you get to “cut loose” as it were.

When else can you justify a massive shopping trip (I can’t find those clothes at home!) followed by a 14-hour bender at the local watering hole?  I mean, I’ve tried it at home before (“staycation” my foot), but my mom ends up getting pretty peeved.

Possibly the most exciting part of traveling is the foreign men…or, at least, men who aren’t from your home state and didn’t live across campus from you sophomore year.  Flirting, tippling some drinks, getting introduced to a new bar scene (oh, the wonders of a bar that I haven’t vommed in yet) are all reasons to gas up and head out.

But sex while traveling? Now that’s a whole other adventure.

The Trojan Condom’s Pleasure Survey (oh, you clever condom people) made a list of the most sexually active and most sexually satisfied cities in the US (among other sex-related things, of course).  Top of the list?  Houston and Atlanta for most sexually active.  I guess I can see that…when it gets super hot, I like to take my clothes off (especially ’cause I don’t have AC).  And all bets are off when the clothes come off.

However, I was slightly confused/disappointed by the numbers posted by Trojan.  The national average for the US is 79 times per year. Seventy nine! Uhh…is it me, or does that seem low? I mean, everyone has a dry spell now and then (Editor’s Note: Or always… I don’t wanna talk about it), but don’t we make up for it when we get a ready and willing partner? (Especially during the honeymoon stage when we’re bumpin’ uglies multiple times a day??)  I mean even #1 Houston is only rocking out at 101 times per year, which still seems a bit low.

But not low enough that I don’t plan on visiting…

So it seems a summer road trip (in a car with a big backseat) is in order.  I’ll be making stops at Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. (I KNEW politicians liked the sexy time!), and any other city that my car will make it to without imploding.  Who’s in?

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