Way To Be Sensitive, Tony Romo


No one said breaking up was easy. And either way – whether you are the one dumping, or the dumpee – your position sucks. So you would think that the one who is calling it quits would at least be a little bit sympathetic, gentle with their words, something!

I’m not talking about a five-hour explanation, optional break-up sex and some goodbye gifts, either. I’m just saying, I don’t know, maybe waiting until after Jessica’s birthday, Tony Romo? Maybe not ruining the one day a year that belongs to her for life? Maybe letting her enjoy the giant birthday bash she planned before packing up her things and FedExing them to her house?

You do have a heart, right, Tony?! RIGHT?!

Ok, so I realize I’m taking a lot of anger out on Mr. Romo, but hearing how he broke poor Jessica’s heart on the eve of her birthday got me mad. What is up with that? You couldn’t hold out for a little longer?

Why do some people, not just Tony, think they can just break the bad news any time/place/way they please? Sure, you want to get ‘er done as quickly as possible, but where is your compassion?

The Simpson/Romo break up got me thinking about some of the other horrible, and I mean horrible, no-good, very-bad ways people choose to do the deed. I know that break ups suck, but there’s got to be a better way to handle them than this:

The “It’s not you..it’s me” Speech.
Ugh. This is so cliché that it hurts. Just spare this traditional break up line because it’s so pathetic…and probably untrue anyways. If it is true, at least phrase it differently so the person feels like you actually tried to come up with something.

Via Text Message
Although its practically acceptable to exchange anything through texts these days (like nipple pics), breaking up is not one of them! Man up and make a phone call, you pussy.

In Writing
Yes, this actually does happen, and not necessarily in the “we need to do this for us” love letter type way. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw who got dumped via a Post-it-Note. Ouch. Imagine: waking up one morning, checking your email to see your daily love note from the boy only to find a not-so-love note. Awesome.

The Passive Aggressive Approach
No need to tell your partner directly you broke things off – simply change that Facebook relationship status and she/he’ll get the message. Along with everyone else.

Unfortunately, there are so many insensitive ways to call it quits and with the amount of online social networking these days, people (if they haven’t already) will be tweeting “Sorry, but its over” before we know it.

Makes the single life look pretty good, eh?

What’s the worst way you, or someone you know, has been dumped? Or have you ever broke it off in a not-so-nice manner?

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