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Intern Diaries: Mid-Summer Evaluation



A collection of thoughts from my seven weeks on the “job”:

Last week, our managing editor (who essentially runs the production process – making sure layouts are updated and distributed, giving editors deadlines, leading weekly content meetings, etc.) emailed the entire staff and informed us that our “summer Fridays” would have to be put on hold. I had been dreaming of these summer Fridays – when the day would end at 2 pm and leave my entire afternoon open for trips to the beach, strolls around NYC, really early happy hours – since the day work began. Now they were being taken away from me due to the fact that the production of our upcoming issue was moving too slowly.

I have to admit that I almost shed a tear at my desk. The rest of my friends in the publishing and journalism world get summer Fridays! Half of my friends are unemployed! Why will everyone have free Friday afternoons while I’m stuck inside developing carpal tunnel syndrome from too much typing??

What makes up (a little bit) for this disappointing turn of events is the fact that I’m being sent to a press event for a NYC-based frozen yogurt company in a few weeks. (It’s actually the same day as the College Candy party (!), and since I’m 21 (finally) you know I will be there enjoying my share of cool, summery beverages…) Anyway, back to the yogurt. I am very excited, as my summer diet consists mainly of frozen yogurts (Pinkberry, Tasti D-light, Yogurtland, the list goes on…), and I’m hoping that I’ll get to do a lot of sampling throughout the morning. I’m also pumped because I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, and I know how cool it’s going to be to pick up an issue of the magazine in a few months and see my name in print!

On a totally different note, I’ve found the perfect way to keep myself occupied when things get slow at the office: Nail Art. Now I know this sounds inappropriate, but if you saw my office you would observe the maze-like orientation of the desks and see that I am tucked away into a pretty isolated corner that allows me to utilize my downtime in whatever way I please.

Since nail polish reeks, I don’t think that I’ll ever pop open a bottle in the office or start cutting my cuticles. But, since I normally have painted nails anyway, post-polish nail art is the best! These cute little pens can be used on TOP of nail polish (don’t apply to bare nails) to draw any design that your heart desires. Recently my fellow intern adorned her digits with leopard-style polka dots, and I drew little squiggles on mine (I’m not really an artist, but hey, it’s still fun…and it passes the time.)

I love the work that I’m doing, but as everyone knows, internships aren’t the most glamorous. How are yours comin’ along?

I live for The Food Network, colorful mini dresses and adorable puppies. If all else fails in life I think I have a decent shot at being a manicurist.