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Let It Rock: Which Way Do You Love It?



This week was a good, if not totally random, week for music. I mean, who groups Daughtry, Jack White’s the Dead Weather, and the soundtrack to 500 Days of Summer in one category? I do. And I love them all.

Though, in totally different ways.

Chris Daughtry I love in a good-boy rocker kind of way. Jack White I love in a creepy weirdo fascination kind of way. And the 500 Days of Summer I love in a Zooey Deschanel kind of way. I love music in lots of different ways and this week is a prime example of how much my love can vary.


Daughtry – Leave This Town

Chris Daughtry is one of those musicians people of all ages love. I desperately wanted him to win American Idol. So did my mom. But alas, he didn’t. And it’s probably a good thing, because he got the freedom to do whatever he wanted. And now? Many people forget was even on American Idol. Which I think is a sign of a super successful American Idol contestant.

His first album, with his band Daughtry, was a huge hit, so I was totally excited for their second album, Leave This Town. And so far, I’m pretty thrilled with it. I especially love, “Every Time You Turn Around,” with its jungle-like sounds in the background (Hey, I’m a sucker for jungle animals) and “whoo hoos” throughout the song. Lots of the lyrics on the album are super cheesy, which leaves Daughtry in the position of being a rock band, without really being hardcore. I can see a lot of music critics taking issue with this; but I have to respect Daughtry for it. I always love a super nice rocker. I’m pretty sure the slower ballad, “Life After You” is going to be a huge hit because it has a little bit of that “Home” feel to it. And check out the lyrics: “All that I’m after is a lifetime of laughter/As long as I’m laughing with you.” Yes, it’s all cheese, but who doesn’t love cheese? I hope Daughtry sticks around a long time and I know I’ll be listening to their new album for quite a while. And when I’m dealing with an awful break up. This music seems about right for that.


The Dead Weather – Horehound

OK, so I’m a really big White Stripes fan. People are usually really surprised when I tell them this. There’s nothing about me that makes me look like I would be a Jack White lover, but I’m totally into him. And his completely strange relationship with Meg too. He’s just so weird, I can’t help it. Call it just a fascination; I don’t mind, but I do know the White Stripes can sing like whoa and I’ll give a little listen to anything Jack White decides to do. So, cut to me being super excited that he started a new band and just released a new album. The band is The Dead Weather and the album is Horehound. And I like. A lot.

Jack ditches his guitar and goes with the drums instead. He is joined by The Kills’ Alison Mosshart who I think compliments Jack’s voice perfectly. I love “Treat Me Like Your Mother,” probably because it really does sound like the White Stripes would sing. The back and forth between White and Mosshart is awesome and I’ve probably listened to this song about 50 times and am pretty sure I’ll never get tired of it. “Come on look me in the eye/You wanna try to tell a lie/I’ll bet you can’t and you know why/I’m just like your mother.” Every time the song ends, I find myself going, “Whoo, I need more. I’m also totally into the bluesy feel of “Will There Be Enough Water” and the sort of Western feel in “Rocking Horse.” My overall theory is that Jack White can do whatever he wants and I’ll still love him. Probably the creepier the better.


Various Artists – 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack

I usually don’t get very excited about soundtracks. They generally don’t do anything for me, unless it’s a movie I really, really love with a soundtrack that has my favorite artists on it. This lovely combination just doesn’t happen all that often, but when I heard 500 Days of Summer was starring Zooey Deschanel, I immediately thought, “I wonder what the soundtrack will be like!” And you know, it really is good, even if it does only include one song by Zooey’s band She & Him.

I don’t really know too much what the movie is about, but I feel like the soundtrack has given me a really good idea of the general feel of the plot, which I think is a sign of a good soundtrack. I never realized how much I enjoyed The Smiths until I heard them singing “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.” I immediately loved it and wondered why I don’t listen to them more. Of course, I loved She & Him’s version of “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want,” but I also quite enjoyed The Smiths’ as well. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of Regina Spektor (I know. But her voice has always been a bit grating to me), but I actually kind of enjoyed her here. Both of her songs on the soundtrack, “Us” and “Hero” felt especially summery and perfect for what I presume the movie is about.

In fact, that’s what I liked most about the whole album – it’s so summery. From The Black Lips “Bad Kids” to Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True to Feist’s “Mushaboom” to Mumm-Ra’s “She’s Got You High,” the whole album just screamed fun and summer to me. And how could I not love that? Oh, and bonus (as if you needed more): France’s own Carla Bruni has a light and airy track on there too. Absolutely amazing. Just like 500 days of summer would be.