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These Harry Potter Pick Up Lines are Magical


harry potter kissIf you’re planning on seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight, you’ll probably be standing in line for quite some time. Sucks, I know, but here’s a thought that might make waiting in line a bit more bearable: it’s a good time to pick up a guy!

You already know you have something (geekiness) in common and you’ll soon be sitting in a dark theater, so it seems to be the perfect place to meet your soul mate.

Since you only get one chance to charm that Muggle with your wit, we thought we’d help you out with a few HarPot&HaBloPri themed pickup lines. There is no way that boy will turn you down when you pull one of these out of your bag (unless, of course, he’s a Slytherin fan, in which case you wouldn’t want him anyway):

Show me your Nimbus 2000 and I’ll show you my Chamber of Secrets.

Hey baby, how about I be the Seeker so I can get your Snitch?

I want to put your wand in my leaky cauldron.

Did you escape from Azkaban, becasue my Dementor wants to give you a kiss.

How about you and me bang bludgers later?

The Sorting Hat has spoken and it says I belong in your bed.

Forget Wingardium Leviosa; I’ve got my own spell to raise that wand of yours.

Wanna make me moan like Myrtle?

What magic pick-up lines can you come up with?