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Welcome Back, Vagina Wigs!


merkinI’m just gonna say it: vagina wigs are back and thank. gawd.  I mean, I have been literally holding my breath, waiting for the day when I could accessorize my crotch without punching holes in my genitalia and putting rings and such down there (genital piercings = not okay).  Plus, “merkin” is just a fun word to say and if it wasn’t en vogue, then I would just be a creeper, walking down the street and muttering “merkin, merkin” under my breath.  Now I can be socially acceptable! …right?

Aside from the magnificent addition to my everyday vocabulary, there are tons of reasons why I’m  happy vagina wigs are making a come back.  They’re really quite versatile pieces.  I don’t know how we got along without them as an integral part of our wardrobes.  In fact, I can think of hundreds of ways to incorporate the merkin into any and all of my outfits.  Night out with the girls? Sequined merkin.  Day at the park?  Turf merkin (000 matchy matchy).  Interview?  Tweed merkin (perhaps a tad scratchy).

Originally, I was a little iffy about the merkin.  It did start as a cover up for genital sores for prostitutes in the 15th Century, after all.  BUT, now it’s gaining mainstream popularity.  The merkin (or a less gaudy version of the awesome merkins that will soon crowd my underwear drawer) is even used while filming movies to avoid full frontals and lower MPAA ratings.  Hell, Kate Winslet wore one in The Reader to increase her amount of pubic hair (apparently she didn’t have enough pubes to play an aging Nazi…who knew?)!

While I will continue to trim and wax down there, I know that now I have a fashionable option if I feel a bit chilly or need to go all out for a really special occasion.  Wardrobe crisis over!

    "Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." Oscar Wilde I have a LOT of imagination.