Makeup 101: Stop. Primer Time.

There’s always ways to make things better. Sprinkles make ice-cream better.  A diamond ring makes an outfit better.  Vodka makes…well, anything better.  But what if there was a simple way to make your daily makeup routine better without revamping your whole collection?

I’d say, count me in.

Well many makeup brands want you to think that a simple use of a primer will enhance your makeup and make it last all day and night.  So do we believe it?  Well it’s prime time so here’s the lowdown on all the many different types of primers:

Face Primer: Facial primers are meant to go on a clean face before you apply either foundation or bronzer.  It’s meant to make your makeup go on smoothly, whether you wear liquid, pressed, or loose powder foundation.   There are a couple of facial primers; some are designed to avoid grease, and others are designed to help your makeup last throughout the day. I use Sephora Brand’s Tricks of the Trade Anti Shine Primer, and have got to say I’m pleasantly surprised.  My skin tends to be oily in the summer and it is noticeably less shiny when I apply this cream before my makeup.  Not all shine is eliminated, but I think it’s worth it, especially when I know I’m going to be waitressing all night.
Conclusion: Splurge, it’s worth it.

Eyeshadow Primer: Eyeshadow primer is supposed to make your shadow stay in place (so sparkles and powders aren’t all over your face), and to eliminate creasing, which can ruin your big-eye look.  Personally, I never saw a need for eyeshadow primer. I like to apply a small amount of my facial primer to my lids or blend a little cream shadow with my powder shadow and it tends to do the trick.  However, this primer from Urban Decay has gotten amazing reviews.  Many people are impressed about the longevity of their shadow, so if you have a big night out or an especially tiring day, it may be worth it.
: Meh, not quite necessary, but if you’re gonna do it, go with the Urban Decay stuff….

Lash Primer: Eyelash primer is pretty common for plumping and lengthening lashes. My lashes aren’t especially long or thick so I think that lash primer is totes with it for me.  If you have naturally amazing lashes it would be a useless investment, but if not, give it a shot.  Just apply before your normal mascara.  I like to apply the primer, then use a curler, then apply normal mascara, because lashes curl better when there is already something on them.  Try this one: Layer Lash Primer from Smashbox.  
: Go for it.

Lip Primer: Silly, silly, silly.  Lip primers (like this one from Smashbox)  are designed to moisturize before your lipstick or gloss, and to keep lips beautiful all day long.  However, I think you probably have all the tools for this already. You know, like lip balm? Just apply the balm of your choice before your lipstick or gloss, and wow, you’re moisturized.  And if you are looking for a long lasting stick, simply get a long-wear formula, like Revlon’s All Day Color Stay.  
: Buy yourself a drink tonight instead.

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