The Emmy Awards: Validating My Laziness

Nominations for the 61st Emmy Awards were announced today and I’m excited.  Not only do I have a degree of expertise in this particular area (I watch a LOT of TV), but I find that the Emmy Awards are even more bitchy than the Oscars…and that pleases me.  Also, this particular awards show validates all my time spent on my couch (and youtube, hulu, etc.) being a lazy jerk and watching TV.  I can say I was “researching.”  Yeah.  Researching.

My “researching,” as it were, has lead me to spot a couple snubs and surprises in this year’s crop of nominations.  The first (and most important) surprise is the acting and series categories were expanded to hold more contenders.  This is awesome because shows (that I adore) that aren’t normally included now have the chance at major awards.  This is not awesome because now I will have a major identity crisis during the actual awards show.  For example, Family Guy has gotten a nomination for best comedy series.  That puts the show up against others like The Office, 30 Rock, Flight of the Conchords and more.  Well…crap.  I love all of those.  WTF am I supposed to do now??

The reality series category held more shockers.  As in, no Jon & Kate Plus 8?? No Real Housewives?  Does the world hold no meaning any more?! Those shows are some of the best on TV – how do those Emmy people not realize that? Sure, Jon and Kate Plus Drama…and Ed Hardy is getting a little annoying, but don’t you want to see who went with who to the awards show?

And what Kate would do to dress up that hair?

Other things that surprised me: apparently some people still watch Two and a Half Men (who?? who are these people?), Conan O’Brian’s last season of Late Night was snubbed (nooooooo), and Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords is actually the lead actor…even though the show is about a two-person band and he has equal screen time with Bret McKenzie (hmm).

This is way too much emotion and information to handle without alcohol.  I’m going to calmly close my browser and walk away…to my TV.  Where I will patiently wait until 5pm when I can take a shot (or three) and start making my predictions.  Ahh, sweet validation.

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