The Budget Stylista: Ra-Ra-Rompers On The Ch-Ch-Cheap

There really is no faster way to look both put together and able to go from day to night than a romper. (Unless it’s this one….WTF?) Think about it – you don’t have to pick a top to match your bottom, which seems like a minimal task right now, but is actually difficult when you hit snooze for too long on all four alarms. And added bonus: you don’t have to do the bend and snap (or other variation) to make sure that your booty isn’t hanging out or that the paparazzi (AKA, your professor) doesn’t have access to see your Britney.

You can pair them with flip-flops in the day and throw on wedges for night and – boom- insta-transformation. They comes in so many styles that you are sure to find one that flatters your figure. Yes, even you! While they took awhile for me to get used to (sort of like tequila), the more you see them (or more you drink them), they (or those boys) have become so freaking cute to me!

Here are a bunch of options, from retro to casual.  The romper is a must-have summer item and seeing as we are already halfway through, you need one NOW. Just click on the photo to snag one of these hotties. Many are from Lulus, which makes them romper-perfection since you can get ’em for 15% off!

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