Who Is Best For Jennifer Aniston? [Poll]

Jennifer Aniston has definitely dated her fair share of men. Between hot stuff Brad, hilarious Vince and singer John, the boyfriend list is very diverse and goes on for quite a while. Of course, she has been rumored to date more people that have actually been confirmed, but photos do not lie.

So, at 40 and still lookin hot as ever, Jen deserves a good guy in her life to squash all the rumors and haters. But who is Mr. Right? Should she rekindle the flame with a past lover, does she fit better with someone else, or is it time Jen just gave up and embraced life as a single lady?

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G.W.W.E.: Joseph “Indie It-Boy” Gordon-Levitt
G.W.W.E.: Joseph “Indie It-Boy” Gordon-Levitt
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