Even Out Those Tan Lines

I’ll admit in all shallowness, one thing excites me more than anything about the summer time: busting out short skirts! But there’s one problem.

While slipping on a slinky mini dress the other night, I looked down at my legs in horror. Walking around in bermudas all day had given me a beautiful golden tan…from the knee down. Nothing is more annoying than those pesky little tan lines that seem to cue strangers onto the shape of the shirt you wore the day before. Luckily they can be done away with (tanning bed free…because damaged skin is never, ever sexy).

Your first option is to pick up some sunless tanner and fill in the blanks. Pick a shade that matches the depth of your tan, not what your normal skin tone would be. Exfoliate that skin well to avoid streaking, and apply! If you want to get perfect color, and if you have a little more patience, a gradual tanning lotion might be a better bet. It’ll take several days to build the color, but you’ll be better able to get the exact shade of tan you want.

Not a gal who’s good with details? Make a much needed investment in an all over spray tan. Most tanning salons (and Benefit make up stores) have a spray tan booth, and you can pick a subtly glowing color to avoid looking like Tara Reid’s long lost twin. This way you won’t have to worry about filling in every pale spot, and you’ll get a more consistent overall color.

If you’re in the midst of a tan line crisis, there are ways to conceal your tan lines stat. Lorac makes an instant¬†build-able¬†body bronzer that you can layer on to achieve your desired color. It’ll only last for one application, and you can wash it away in the shower. I can also attest to the fact that it is water-proof (well more like crazy-dancing-in-a-sweaty-bar proof). Sally Hansen and Neutrogena make cheaper alternatives that you can pick up at Walgreen’s as well.

Patience is really the key. Each product has a variation in its hue, and one is bound to match up with your half-sun-kissed glow. If no product seems to help you match your stubborn farmer’s tan, lucky for you, sheer black tights are in this season.

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