Body Blog: The Healthy Way to Detox

Before you dismiss this as just another article about the master cleanse, please read on!

Studies have proven that liquid cleanses, like the juice cleanse, the infamous master cleanse, and even the water with lemon cleanse, are more harmful to the body than beneficial. Probably because girls tend to do them for weeks, even months at a time, to lose weight.

We forget that the purpose of a cleanse is to help rid the body of toxins from processed foods and from our environment, not to become anorexic for a week.

Every day our body is exposed to chemicals from car exhaust, pollution, and the very lotion we apply to our skin. We breathe in harmful particles floating in the air. We eat fruit that has been soaked in pesticides and meat that has been injected with antibiotics.

Our incredible bodies constantly filter out all of these toxins on an a daily basis — it is a self-healing, self-renewing and self-cleansing organism. However, all of this can be too much and we find ourselves feeling sluggish and unhealthy. This indicates that your body needs some help. A holistic detox is the best method.

Here’s how:

1. Purchase an internal cleansing system.
I am currently finishing up the Whole Body Cleanse (2 week cleanse) made by Enzymatic Therapy and love it. The box includes 3 bottles of supplements: Super Milk Thistle  — stimulates toxin-clearing bile flow, Fiber Fusion – daily cleansing fiber binds to toxins so they don’t get reabsorbed into your bloodstream, and The Laxative Formula – gently purges the intestines of built up toxins, makes sure the toxins are carried out of your body for thorough detoxification. I have experienced zero abdominal discomfort from this and it definitely hasn’t made me feel like I have to run to the bathroom every five minutes.

2. Change your diet.
In conjunction with the internal cleansing system, you need to make your diet super healthy.
– Avoid all refined carbs including white flour and sugar.
– Avoid all foods with chemical preservatives and flavorings including foods that contain toxic elements.
– Drink at least one to two liters of pure water daily.
– Eat ripe fruits and vegetables that are free of chemical fertilizers.
– Minimize coffee, tea, dairy products, and … alcohol (I know, this is a toughie).
– Eat protein like white fish and chicken.

3. Sweat and sleep.
Do some moderate exercise so that you can sweat out the toxins as well. If you don’t feel up for this and have access to a sauna at your gym, use it. Also, sleep is so so important. I think many of us forget that we need more bed-time than we actually give ourselves. Getting 8 hours of shut-eye will determine your appetite, energy and mood.

Within 2 weeks of practicing theses lifestyle changes, you should notice a significant improvement in not only how you feel, but how you see your body. It’s given me a new appreciation for the incredible support it gives me on a daily basis. Show your bod some love too!!

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