The Things Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Sharing…

Upon some recent discussion with my guy friends, I’ve come to realize that we girls may just be a little bit “too close.” I happen to be one of those people blessed with an intimate group of girlfriends, and therefore we talk about everything from the specific color name of our nail polish to the exact millisecond of how long our most recent sack session lasted.

However, upon stepping back a bit and really paying attention to what I was saying, I’ve begun to wonder if there is such thing as too much information sharing. Even if it never gets back to your guy, is it alright to share everything? Below are the key things that, looking back, I’m thinking should just remain between a lady and her man.

How Big He Is…Down There:  It’s something I never really thought about, probably because if anyone wants to know the size of my practically non-existent boobs, they can just look, but guys are ultra-sensitive to what they may or may not have. Well, mostly, what they don’t have. It is totally okay to talk about how big last night’s drunken hook up was, but if your boyfriend is less than well-endowed, you may want to keep that on the DL from your friends…at least until you break up.

The time he cried in front of you: I don’t think it’s any secret that girls cry in front of guys, but when it’s the other way around it probably should be. When your guy finally feels comfortable enough to shed some tears around you, don’t go telling all of your friends how sweet and sensitive it was to see him cry. Help him stay manly in the eyes of your friends and keep some things just between you.

The time he couldn’t get it up: Again, this is just one of those unfortunately embarrassing things that happens to guys when they are a) nervous or b) drunk. While you may want reassurance from your friends that you are gorgeous and that it’s not your fault that this happened, can you imagine how mortified your man already is that he can’t get excited for the naked girl next to him? Just think about how much worse it is when he walks in the room and everybody knows.

Each and every fight you get into: It’s understandable if you and your man have a huge blowout and you need to bitch to someone, but don’t criticize everything he does wrong to your friends. Otherwise, you become too accustomed to trashing him and eventually your friends will only be able to point out his bad qualities to you. Not good.

As a disclaimer, I have talked about all the things above and more, including explaining exactly how long he lasted, read aloud text messages, stalked each and every Facebook photo, and have criticized wardrobe choices. And now I feel awful about it and thank my lucky stars that most guy conversations consist of
“You get head?”
Because I know for sure that I would not want to be talked about the same way that I have discussed these boys in the past.

So tell me: is it alright to tell your best friends your guy’s deep dark secrets?

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