Wardrobe Wish List: Lululemon Speed Shorts

I don’t know about you, but wearing cute exercise clothes definitely motivates me to work out and that’s where the sweet new Lululemon Speed Shorts come in.

Yes, you read that right, ladies. Lululemon, creator of the most amazing pants in the universe, is introducing a new line specifically for runners/people who get out of the yoga studio!  Now we can reserve our one pair of Groove pants for Saturday nights (what? They make your butt look amazing) and hit the gym in something a little more refreshing Sunday morning.

They come in 11 different colors, plus patterns like stripes and plaid. Just like everyone’s favorite Nike Tempo shorts that are frequently seen in the gym and around campus, Lululemon’s Speed Shorts feature built in undies. But obviously it’s their other features that make them worth the extra $20 (cuz Lulu stuff is never cheap). They’re chafe-resistant, flat seamed, and have a secure pocket on the lower back to stash your key and ID whether you’re in the gym or on the road. Plus they’re shorter (and just plain cuter) than many other running shorts.

I’m not going to say that you can take your Speed Shorts from gym to party, but you can definitely get away with rocking Lulu outside of the club. Just think how adorable the plaid would be with a flowy tank top, flip flops, and an arm full of bangles for a casual summer bonfire… It would totally work.

The best part of all? Lululemon is finally offering online shopping, so even if there isn’t a store near you, you can still get your fix of this Canadian super-brand! I’m definitely on the market for some new shorts. And tops. And pants. And much-needed motivation to get my ass to the gym….

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