Chris Brown Apologizes… For What, Exactly?

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It’s never too late to say sorry, according to Chris Brown that is. Five months later after the “incident” between he and Rihanna he has finally made a public announcement apologizing for “what occurred.”

Maybe Chris Brown’s apology doesn’t sound in the least bit convincing because he doesn’t even have the courage (sorry Chris) to say for what he is in fact “truly truly sorry.” He never actually mentions beating Rihanna, and the word “assault” doesn’t come close from escaping his mouth. Instead, he completely avoids addressing the crime he committed covering it up with a bunch of lame “sorry”s. Lame.

How sincere is an apology when you cant even say what you did?

And what the hell took him so long? How much planning and preparation went into this contrived apology? You’d think that the time it took for this public announcement to come out would at least mean that the words would be somewhat believable, or just not outright absurd.

“I intend to live my life so I am truly worthy of the term role model.” That line makes me cringe. “Role model?” You may want to be one, Chris, but there is no going back.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit harsh. But if you ask me, this seemed more like a weak attempt at keeping his music career alive than anything else. Watch the video and see for yourself. What do you think? Is Chris Brown’s apology sincere, or is he just trying to put an end to this ‘forever’ and make sure his fans don’t go anywhere?

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