Life After College: Navigating Life On My Own

This past Saturday I did what every 20-something girl does on the weekend: I took myself to see Harry Potter. Alone. I was dying to see the movie and no one would go with me so I took my first step on my path to becoming a cat lady and went to see it by myself.

I spent ten minutes debating whether getting food would make me look like a liberated woman without a care in the world or a pathetic loser who not only sees movies alone but also dines alone. In the end I went with no food because I really can’t justify a ten dollar popcorn, even if it does come with free Raisinets (there’s a reason they have to give these away for free). Also, if I got a drink there would be no one to save my seat while I went to the bathroom.

The upside of going alone is that there are a lot more seating choices when you’re only looking for one seat. The downside are the pity stares when people ask if there’s anyone using the seat on either of me and I say no. I began to spot other singles in the theater and I smiled at them like we shared a secret. I tried to communicate with my eyes that maybe we could start a solo movie viewee club and swap a pair of jeans that fit all of us to give us comfort whenever we sat alone in public places. No one returned my eye messages, so for now I’ll still continue wearing just my jeans to the movies.

The movie started and I started to get frustrated when I realized that I had no one to make comments to when something big happened. But I abandoned all social courtesy halfway through the movie and instead just started telling the person next to me all my commentary. As my commentary continued, so did his discomfort, and he slowly began turning away from me until his body was perpendicular to mine and he was watching the wall instead of the movie.

His loss.

The movie ended and I came to the conclusion that seeing a movie alone really isn’t the worse thing. However, the gentleman next to me might tell you that sitting next to a person seeing a movie alone is the worst thing. It’s certainly not something I’m going to do every weekend, but it’s nice to know that if no one will go see Ice Age 8 with me, I can go all by myself.

Next of my list of things to prove my maturity and independence is getting drunk alone, followed by AA meetings alone, followed closely by adopting a cat alone.

Tuffy Luv Doesn’t Need Needy Friends
Tuffy Luv Doesn’t Need Needy Friends
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