Taking Shots: Documenting The Aftermath

We’ve all been there: that rowdy Friday/Saturday/Tuesday night when the liquor bottles come out and the shots glasses clink. All those nights we’d like to forget and we hope no one else remembers either. All the shots that didn’t go down too well – or missed our mouths completely.

But, lo and behold, the next morning we discover these little beauties lingering on our Facebook wall for the world to see.

Welcome to The Post-Shot Picture. The picture you didn’t realize was being taken because you were too busy keeping the vomit down. The pictures that makes you wonder why you’d ever accept a shot (let alone insist on them night after night) as you clearly do not enjoy them. The pictures that totally make all of us laugh…when we aren’t the ones being photographed.

Need a good LOL? Here you go:

Honestly, does anyone really like these things?

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Who Can Fill Paula Abdul’s Louboutins?
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