Bad Advice Men Get: The Homewrecker

This Week’s Article: Why Do Single Women Like Taken Men? by

This week’s article lists a number of reasons why women are (supposedly) attracted to taken men. Let’s see what they have to say…

AskMen says: “In the Garden of Eden, Eve sinks her teeth into the one piece of fruit that God instructed her to avoid — so began a long line of women who wanted, oh so badly, what they could not have.”

I Say: Actually, I’m pretty sure Eve convinced Adam to eat the forbidden fruit instead of biting into it herself. Nevertheless, I don’t really find bible references to be the most accurate explanations of human behavior.

AskMen Says: “Significant others are a reflection of the people they date. That’s why it’s in a girl’s best interest to act like her boyfriend’s PR rep: to mention whenever possible that he studied at Harvard — oh, and he plays in a band. When she boasts, her listeners see him through the rose-colored glasses that she wears.”

I Say: Of coarse, the only way women can make themselves seem like decent human beings to to boast to others about the great things their boyfriend does.

AskMen Says: “Girls want what other girls have. To women, the simple fact that a guy is someone’s favorite flavor makes him worth a try.”

I Say: For some girls, sure. But it’s definitely not a majority of women who feel this way. Most of us abide by the same code men do: hands off your friend’s man!

AskMen says: “Consider this: If a man risks his entire relationship — commitment be damned — for one exceptionally steamy night with another woman, that other woman will go home feeling like she has one-upped Helen of Troy. That’s bragging rights to the max.”

I Say: I would never, ever brag about sleeping with someone else’s boyfriend.

AskMen Says:”In short, women believe that men who are single are single for a reason. Backward as it may sound, the ones who aren’t available are the ones worth going for.”

I Say: Single women who know that not having a boyfriend doesn’t mean there’s something inherently wrong with them. We are smart enough to know  that a man not being in a relationship doesn’t mean he is defective.

AskMen says: “Women want to screw over other women… Women size up their competition and somehow rationalize that her boyfriend is begging to be with a real woman — no offense to the tramp he’s with.”

I Say: Women are terrible, horrifying creatures responsible for all the evil in the word. Right, askmen?

AskMen says: “The man exuding confidence like perspiration in a sweat lodge has his arm blissfully around his bombshell of a girlfriend — and in case you didn’t notice, she’s all about him. What better proof exists that he is successful, intelligent and endlessly charming? Men who enjoy this luxury are infinitely more natural, comfortable and cool. They worry little, stress out even less. This all adds up to a man with incredible romantic gravity who pulls women into his orbit.”

I Say: Seeing a girl who loves her man does not make every woman immediately want that man. However “successful, intelligent and endlessly charming.” Most women will turn off their advances the moment they see he is taken.

All in all, askmen offers another pigheaded view of how women work.

Have you ever gone after someone else’s boyfriend? Why?

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