Countdown To CollegeCandy’s Cocktail Hour(s)!

Have you heard? CollegeCandy is throwing a party in New York City on July 29th. There’s gonna be free drinks, free food and, of course, all the coolest CollegeCandy writers are gonna be there (well, the ones who are over 21, at least).

Are you?

Sure, you may not be in New York City right now, but there is a thing called an airplane, you know. And, seeing the sick raffle prizes you’ll have an opportunity to win, you may want to hop online to Orbitz and book your ticket ASAP.

Here is just a taste of what we’ll be raffling off come July 29th:

So, let’s sum this all up: free drinks, free food, free entertainment and a ton of free shiz.
You comin’?

8 Under $20: Mandee
8 Under $20: Mandee
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