The Erin Andrews Situation Makes Me Cringe

In the midst of all the hilarious, cute, and often bizarre videos the Internet has to offer, there are many disgusting ones that make you nearly question your faith in humanity. When the news about the Erin Andrews video first broke, my stomach turned: how could people do such a thing to a person, a woman, after we’ve come so far over the past few decades?

A video recently surfaced on the Internet featuring ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude, filmed from a peephole into her hotel room. ESPN is, understandingly, furious, and any person with a shred of decency should find such a thing revolting. And yet, many people in cyberspace find it a) funny, b) hot, c) an acceptable way to treat a woman, or d) all of the above. As much as I love the Internet and am amazed by what it is capable of, I also can’t believe how cruel and sick people can be.

But the reaction to the Erin Andrews video is the least of our concerns. The fact that someone actually created the video in the first place is thoroughly upsetting. Are women never safe from voyeurs and perverts, not even in the privacy of a hotel room?

This extends beyond just women, as well. As a journalist, a professional, Andrews was humiliated in front of viewers and colleagues. Her career is in jeopardy, and although we cannot know what the future holds, ESPN viewers will never be able to look at her the same way. Her name will be forever tied to this incident, no matter how professional she is. No one recovers from something so humiliating and sickening.

Here’s a real wake-up call on women’s issues.

For those who rail against feminism and claim that women have already achieved equality, just read one article on this incident. The truth is that women are still objectified as sexual beings for men to ogle. In that way, it is safe to assume that comments have been made in the past about Andrews’s appearance, as such is standard practice when evaluating female journalists; but this video takes it all to a whole new level. This is a violation that should not be ignored or made light of. In fact, we should all learn from it and be inspired to act against such acts in the future.
What do you think of the Erin Andrews video incident?

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