Hot Male Celebs (Who Are Also Smart!)

Hot Guy = Good…when he keeps his mouth closed.
Smart Guy = Good…after you rid him of those light wash/reverse fit jeans.

But a hot, smart guy? Who also happens to be a gifted actor?
Uh, marry me?

We all love ogling hot celebs, but ogling hot AND smart celebs is even better! Believe it or not, many Hollywood stars have both the looks and the brains, whether they attended an Ivy League college or are involved in worldwide social activism.

Here are 10 male celebrities who have the whooooole package. A package I’d like to take home to mama:

John Krasinski

We all love Jim Halpert from The Office. He is utterly adorable and clearly too smart for a desk job selling paper. And, as luck would have it, so is the actor that plays him! John Krasinski studied theater at Brown University, even writing a play as his honors thesis. Not bad, Halpert, not bad at all.

Kal Penn

Don’t let his antics in Harold and Kumar fool you, because Kal Penn is one smart guy. His character on House was written out of the show so that Penn could take up the post of Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison in the Obama administration. Plus, he’s currently pursuing a graduate certificate in international security at Stanford. Stanford? Obama? He’s making me swoon already!

Hugh Grant

We all know that Hugh Grant is a little…well, awkward, in the way that British actors often are. But he’s not just a bumbling, pretty man – he’s a smart, bumbling, pretty man! Grant attended Oxford University on a scholarship, studying literature and even graduating with honors. That explains why he was so wonderful as Edward Ferrars in Sense & Sensibility!

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart is pretty much the rockstar of late-night satirical news. Despite his height and, well, age, he’s one silver fox! But that’s not all; Stewart attended the college of William and Mary and is the host of The Daily Show, perhaps the only news show that actually forces the viewer to think critically about politics and events in the news. And, admit it, you try to incorporate his musings and witticisms into your political science and government papers. You know you do.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon must’ve had himself in mind when he co-wrote the screenplay of Good Will Hunting with his buddy Ben Affleck. Damon attended Harvard University and studied English there, although before he could graduate, he dropped out to pursue his acting career. We can forgive that, Matt, since your career has been a success…and since you’re so nice to look at…

James Franco

James Franco has a reputation for being – well, a bit too similar to his drug-dealing character in Pineapple Express, although he’s a major hottie even with the greasy hair. But he’s definitely no slacker; just look at his pursuit of higher education. Franco attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in English, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Writing at Columbia University and studying filmmaking at New York University. I have to say, I’m impressed with his ability to juggle two schools as well as a movie career. Now that takes a lot of talent!

Chris Noth

We know Chris Noth for his role as the enigmatic Mr. Big on Sex and the City. And, as you can see, he’s one good-looking man. But did you know that he received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama, acting in twenty-five plays while he was there? One thing’s for sure: this man was born to act. And his ability to make Carrie Bradshaw (and her loyal viewers) swoon is proof of that!

George Clooney

It is only fitting that George Clooney continues to help others after achieving stardom thanks in part to his role on ER in the 90s. Now, he is not only an outspoken liberal and supporter of President Barack Obama, but he is also a leading voice in the campaign to end the genocide in Darfur. Time Magazine named him one of the 100 Most Influential People for “using star power to illuminate the crisis in Darfur.” Now here’s a man using his celebrity power for good. A lot of celebs can learn a thing or two from him. *cough cough Paris Hilton cough cough*

Will Smith

Newsweek has it right: Will Smith is definitely the most powerful actor on the planet. He’s gorgeous, a successful actor, a musician – and, pretty damn smart! Smith once won a scholarship to MIT, but he turned it down in order to pursue music. Not a bad move, Will. Look at where you are now!

Edward Norton

Edward Norton is the actor’s actor. He is very serious about his craft and reluctant to embrace his celebrity status (as evidenced by the furrowed brow and whisper of “Who’s he?” that is undoubtedly falling from your lips right now). The fact that he studied history at Yale University might explain his uncanny level of dedication and discipline. Norton is a certainly gentleman and a scholar…and quite a good-looking specimen!

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