What He Really Thinks Of… Your “Nylon Tricot Swimsuit”

I like American Apparel for the most part. Although their prices are a little steep for me, the trade offs are comfy basics that don’t fall apart after one wash *coughForever21cough.* You should be warned, though; try navigating their site and you’ll have to push through a bunch of these:

Now I really don’t know how to feel about this “swimsuit.” I honestly can’t believe that people actually buy this stuff (at $36 – really, American Apparel?) but after sorting through 35 mostly positive reviews about it, I’m torn. Not that I would ever wear this, but still – I can’t figure out if I’ve missed something crucial that makes this outfit socially acceptable. Like the very limited nipple coverage, perhaps?

Of course, to help me with my confusion, I’ve turned to my favorite guys for their opinions:

The Boyfriend, Rutgers University – Didn’t Borat wear something like that?

Photographer, The Art Institute of Houston – WTH is this?! They’re like the “mom jeans” version of a bathing suit; not attractive on anyone. I mean, if you like the elongated ass look, then by all means, buy it. But at least make it respectable with a bandeau top or a cropped tee underneath.

Premed, NYU- It’s pretty trashy; I’d never be okay with my girl wearing that, especially not around my family. But then again, isn’t this American Apparel? Aren’t all their ads super porno-ish?

*Touche, NYU*

G., St. John’s University – Can you wear that in public? Her boobs are like, literally popping out. What if they fall out? There are little kids at the beach!

R., Fordham University – She’s pretty hot. But still, I feel kind of violated/dirty looking at this.

Little Brother, 12 – *HA! Yeah, okay. Like I was going to let my little brother see that!*

I have to admit, Photographer’s advice to pair it with a bandeau top is pretty appealing, but not appealing enough to make me want to try it. Think of the tan lines! But that’s just me. What do you think? Will you be rocking this Nylon Tricot Swimsuit this summer? Any guys willing to share their opinions?

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