The Weekly Wrap Up: Fall Fantasies

It’s been an interesting week.  Now that we’re in the thick of summer, we’re starting to look ahead to the…fall?  What?  Despite my resistance to any and all cool weather thoughts at this time, they are here.  Once you’ve got your fall dorm assignments, you can’t help but look ahead and wonder what the semester will bring (besides swine flu).

If you’re a freshman, you have to wonder how you and that person you don’t know will share such a small space.  Obviously, you’ll have to make a schedule if you want to continue working out for free in your own room.  If you’re not a freshman, you’re probably looking forward to seeing all your school friends again…and dreading seeing the ex-boyfriend (they crop up in the weirdest places!!).  Then again, if you see your ex, you’ll have a chance to demand your break-up compensation!

If you’re one of the lucky few that attend a university with a Quidditch team (oh yes, you read that correctly), then jump on that!  Nothing says “college” like running around with a broomstick between your legs and throwing balls at your friends.  Just make sure that you keep your game playing to the physical realm, not the emotional/mental one.  Nobody likes those kinds of games.

Before we head back to campus, we should try to live up the rest of our summer.  Shots, anyone?  They’re delicious AND entertaining.  Maybe after a couple shots you and your boyfriend can pluck up the courage to ask that cute girl down the hall from you to join you in a little extra-curricular fun…or maybe not.  We all saw what happened to Erin Andrews and who’s to say it couldn’t happen to you, too?

In any case, might as well pack up a couple of sandwiches (and drinks!) and head down to the pool to enjoy your last few weeks of freedom.  Cheers!

Looks Like Someone Forgot Something…
Looks Like Someone Forgot Something…
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