Body Blog: Get Motivated with the Ultimate Workout Playlist

I love spinning. It’s probably the most intense 30-45 minute sweat session I have, a) because the instructor pushes me super hard, b) because I like competing with the other people in the class (whoever goes the fastest wins, right?), and c) because I totally heart the rockin,’ music.

But when I’m on my own on the treadmill or elliptical, it seems I don’t achieve quite the same level of exercise. I know it’s because I don’t have someone yelling at me to go faster, but I think it also has something to do with the lame playlist on my iPod.

So in an effort to motivate us all, I’ve created the best tunage combo for your next cardio session. There are the slower songs to get you all warmed up, the hardcore tunes to get you through the tough parts of the workout, and some more chill songs to bring that heart rate back to normal.

You don’t need a teacher kicking your butt; your iPod can do it for you. Just set up this playlist and you’re on your way.

Warming up:

1. “I Kissed a Girl” – Katy Perry
2. “We Break the Dawn” – Michelle Williams
3. “Ooh Yeah” – Moby

Getting into it:

4. “4 Minutes” – Madonna & Justin Timberlake
5. “Disturbia” – Rhianna
6. “Forever” – Chris Brown (My absolute fave!)
7. “Damaged” – Danity Kane
8. “So What” – Pink
9. “Addicted” – Saving Abel
10. “Use Somebody” – Kings of Leon
11. “Boots of Chinese Plastic” – The Pretenders
12. “I Don’t Care” – Fall Out Boy
13. “Universal Mind Control” – Common
14. “Something Is Not Right with Me” – Cold War Kids
15. “Psychosocial” – Slipknot

Cooling down:

16. “Dreamin’ of You” – Bob Dylan
17. “Mercy” – Duffy
18. “It’s Amazing” – Jem
19. “Not Now But Soon” – Imogen Heap
20. “Energy” – Keri Hilson

There you have it. Now get to the gym and push that tush!!!

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