Why You Should…Shave Your Head

Every girl has a love/hate relationship with her hair.  If her hair is straight, she wishes it were curly.  If her hair is curly, she wishes it were straight.  Frizz is constantly on the attack and there are never enough bobby pins.  Yet, our hair can either make or break a look, so we spend hours planning, executing, and perfecting our style.  In my case, that usually ends in sweat, blood, tears and an even frizzier mess than I started with.

After yet another such ordeal this past weekend, I came up with a brilliant idea – shaving my head.  It’s perfect.  There are literally hundreds of reasons why I should (and a couple why I shouldn’t, but I say my boyfriend can take a chill pill and worry about his own hair).  Here are just a few of the wonderful benefits of shaving your head:

Fabulous Hat Opportunities –  I have come to adore hats.  Never before I have I seen so many fabulous hats just wandering the streets.  We have fedoras, cloches, berets, slouchy knits, and even pork-pie hats.  They are the perfect accessory and also do a wonderful job of keeping your head warm…which is only useful if you have no hair.  Plus, if you shave your head, you don’t have to worry about an awkward hat hair situation when you remove said fabulousness.

Wig Potential – Kind of like a hat made out of hair, the wig is an awesome way to accessorize yourself.  Just grab and go!  Make sure to go the natural hair route, unless you’re specifically going for that cheap-anonymous-bachelor-party-stripper look.  Which, since Samantha Jones rocked it in Sex and the City, I fully condone.

Temperature Control – At this very moment, I am sitting indoors near an air conditioner and I’m still sweating balls.  Would that be the case if I had a neatly shaved head? No.  No it would not, my friends.  Also, when I am working out (hypothetical situation, of course), I won’t have that sweaty, frizzy thing going on.  I will be cool as a cucumber.  I think I could even rock a sweat band if needed on my shaved head and look halfway decent.  Win.

You’ll Look Fierce – I hate to pull a Christian Siriano (okay, actually, I love it) on you, but you seriously will look fierce with a shaved head.  Example? Natalie Portman.  When she had her beautiful hair cut off in V for Vendetta, I about cried…before I realized that she looked possibly even better without hair.  It’s a powerful, intense look that I’m thinking everyone should try at least once (mostly so I don’t look like such a loner when I end up trying it).

Less Stress – I may have hinted at this above, but hair can cause a lot of stress (at least, my hair causes a lot of stress).  If you have no hair, then you have no use for shampoo, conditioner, gel, mousse, styling weapons (damn you, curling iron!) and other devices designed to eventually destroy your hair and mental health.  Your morning ritual has now been cut down to 5 minutes or less.  You’re welcome.

You’ll Save Money – As stated above, since you won’t have any hair, you’ll be giving up a lot of products that will be pretty useless to you.  Aside from extra free time (soo much extra free time), you’ll have extra moolah, too.  I can’t even think of how many pairs of shoes and accessories I could own right now if only I  didn’t have to shell out for the massive amounts of hair cream necessary to tame the frizz ball on my head.

It’ll Accentuate Your Features – No hair? No problem.  Without hair, your cheekbones, lips, and eyes suddenly pop and look incredible (not that they didn’t before, but you get my point).  The make-up opportunities are endless!  Suddenly, instead of taking a backseat to my curly mess, I imagine my eyes will be the center of attention.  Yay for imagined body pride! (j/k, I love my body, but you get my point, no?)

It’ll Grow Back – If you try shaving your head for any of the above reasons and end up hating it, just remember that it’ll grow back.  Maybe it’ll grow back even healthier, since it will be free of all dye and hair product and whatnot.  Consider it a fresh start!

Wardrobe Wish List: Roxy Dandy Lion Bag
Wardrobe Wish List: Roxy Dandy Lion Bag
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