Do It Yourself Tuesdays: Dress Yourself Thin

[Ever see something you want but don’t have the money to buy? Ever get sick of studying/watching TV and have the urge to get crafty and make things on your own? We know! Us too! We just don’t know where to start, which is why we got some of CollegeCandy’s craftiest writers to share their favorite DIY projects with everyone. These things are easy, fun and a great way to save some serious cashola.]

I, like most girls, have a complicated relationship with my body.  After years of self-torture and dressing in clothes that would probably work better as yacht sails,  I’ve come to the conclusion that my body is certainly not perfect, but it is mine.  Ever since I started going to college, I tried to capitalize on this love/hate thing.  I (mostly) know which things look good and which things would look horrible (oh, the visions that have entered my mind in various fitting rooms…*shudder*).  However, even after years of shopping experience, I was extremely interested to know that you can actually dress yourself thinner…without the expensive services of a Personal Shopper.

Whaaa??  Why did I not know this?  I mean, if I knew you could just shave pounds off by picking a different top, I would have chucked my sneakers, bought a box of Oreos and settled down for a happy life.  Okay, maybe not, but it would make my life a lot easier if I wasn’t always worrying about potential muffin top or whatnot.  These tips will make you look more streamlined and thinner, as well as giving you a step up to better dressing (not that you need it…I’m sure if you’re reading this site you’re super fabulous already).


Measuring Tape
A book (any book will do)
Black, black, and more black!


1.  Use that measuring tape to get your correct size.  This is useful (and necessary) for bra shopping and if you prefer shop online.  Wearing clothes the wrong size makes you look bigger, whether the clothes are tight enough to constrict blood flow or loose enough to fit your best friend in there with you.

2.  Take the book and balance it on your head.  Walk around and try to keep it up there.  This will help you maintain your posture, which you can hopefully continue to do after the book is safely back on the bookshelf.  Nothing slims you quite as quickly as standing/sitting up straight.

3.  Items that are black and well-fitting are your best friends.  Love them, caress them, wash them in color-saving bleach formulas.  As we all know, black is extremely flattering, so why not make it work for you?  However, all good things should be enjoyed in moderation (i.e. your wardrobe shouldn’t look monochromatic).  Unless you’re going for that goth look…

4.  Whatever you wear, if you wear it with confidence, you’ll look better.  Simple, right?  Just look at Lady GaGa – that girl must overflow with confidence to carry off the outfits she wears.

Bits and Bobs:

– Current trends don’t look good on everyone.  Learn to pick and choose based on your body, not the bodies of the girls walking the runways.

– Got a big butt? Don’t wear gold lame leggings (eff you, American Apparel) or anything else that is shiny, reflective or attention-grabbing on your behind.

– Color coordinate to streamline your look.  The more abstract your outfit, the more chunky and separated you’ll appear.

– Boot cut pants are universally flattering, but feel free to experiment.

It doesn’t take much, but if you follow these instructions, you should notice a more slender-looking you in the mirror!

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