I See London, I See Paris (Not France)

She’s got her own show, album, book, sex tape…the list goes on.  And now Paris Hilton, the infamous model, celebrity (what the heck do you even call her) has her own documentary, “Paris, not France” set to premiere tonight on MTV.

That’s hot?
Or is that a hot mess?

With the intention of exposing the truth about what lies beneath all the makeup and the smiles, the documentary will take viewers through the socialite’s (or, as she considers herself, “actress, a brand, a businesswoman”) life “from red carpets to business meetings to photo shoots, providing a back-stage pass into what it really takes to maintain the life, business and brand of Paris Hilton.”

Hmm…an entire show dedicated to maintaining the life?

To maintain what, exactly? Is it the ditzy blonde image that she’s managed to create? All those parties she has to attend? All that drunk driving? Or maybe it’s that slutty reputation she’s worked her whole life to attain?

Gosh, it must be hard to be Paris. I’m sure there’s so much depth behind that couture wardrobe of hers.

If Paris hopes to dispel the negative perceptions about herself with the documentary, well…she’s gonna have had to do a lot of convincing. And given that we’re talking about the girl who didn’t know what Wal-mart was, but still manages to compare herself to Princess Diana, I have this weird feeling that this 68 minute film isn’t going to be nearly enough.

But, Ms. Hilton is known for surprising us, so I guess we’ll just have to watch and see. And you know we’ll all be watching.

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