Bad Advice Men Get: Trick Your Girlfriend Into Marrying You

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This week’s article explains how men can trick their girlfriend into marrying them. I think we can all agree tricking someone into marrying you is not a good idea, and I’m not sure why some guy needs to rope some chick into being his wife, but I never claimed to understand the mind of a man. If I did, well, we wouldn’t be here, would we?

Let’s see what these “men” have to say.

EHow says: “When you learn how to trick your girlfriend into marrying you, then you don’t have to stress going after the women of your dreams. Now all you have to do is find her and play the game until your wedding day.”

I say: Well, that explains it. Men need to trick women into marrying them so they don’t have to deal with being rejected by people they actually like. Awesome. Way to go, guys. I think it’s safe to say than any sane woman should never, ever marry someone who is “playing the game,” but some guys just play it oh. so. well. Especially thanks to guides like these ones.

EHow says: “The first thing you need to do to begin tricking your girl is to allow her to see you cry. You need to be sensitive and express your darkest secrets and your fears to her.”

I say: I don’t think fake crying is enough to convince a girl to marry you. You should be able to share secrets and fears with your future wife, but they have to come naturally. Making up a fear of spiders or heights isn’t going to make you husband potential. In fact, it makes you a wimp.

EHow says: “Next you need to ask her about her dreams, and desires. Try to remember everything she says and make a mental note. If you have the means to help her accomplish her goals or desires, make it happen.”

I say: This is a sweet gesture, but men need to realize that a lot of women want to accomplish their goals on their own. Success doesn’t mean as much if someone hands it to you. But that whole listening thing? Yeah, that might be some good advice across the board, boys.

EHow says: “Stop hanging out with your friends and devote your time and your life to her.”

I say: Oh god, no. Please retain SOME life of your own. Imagine how fast you’ll get sick of each other if you spend every waking moment together! She won’t want to marry you, she’ll want to get away.

EHow says: “If you can do these things to trick her into marrying you, you can also do the same to trick her into staying with you forever.”

I say: Why are they assuming women need to be tricked into staying in a relationship? I mean, how awful are the guys reading this stuff that they have to resort to manipulation and tricks to keep a lady around? I think that most women in a happy, loving relationship will want to stay in it and will want to get married when the time is right. If some chick doesn’t want to marry a guy, stupid tricks aren’t going to help things.

EHow also offers a lot of articles on how to ask your girlfriend to marry you, which offer much better advice. You know, because there is no lying or conniving. Hopefully men reading the site will be able to find those as well, but I worry about the ones who don’t get to them.

Have you ever tricked someone into commitment? Have you been tricked?

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