More To Love, or More To Make Fun Of?

Last night I had a dilemma. A major dilemma. Involving TV.

You see, I wasn’t sure which I wanted – no, needed – to watch more: the Paris Hilton documentary on MTV, or More To Love, Fox’s newest dating show.

It was a tough call, but being that MTV shows everything 4,367 times, I went with More To Love.

Ever since I heard about this “Bachelor for real people” I was intrigued. Having grown up overweight (and not had my first kiss until the ripe age of 18!), I really got behind a show that didn’t focus on looks and really just gave everyone a chance at love. Or as much “love” as you can get by meeting someone through a reality show on Fox.

I settled in front of the TV with some (fat free!) frozen yogurt, excited for the “real” people that were about to find their soul mates. And what did I find? 60 minutes of sound bites for the likes of Chelsea Handler, Joel McHale and every blogger on the internet to rip into women with already questionable self esteem.

Seriously, even I couldn’t hold back on the jokes. And that’s bad.

There is so much wrong with this show that I don’t even know where to start. Lucky for you, I got really good at taking notes on my iPhone while watching, so here are some of my biggest issues with More To Love:

1. It is not for “normal” people. Instead, it is for beautiful women who happen to be really large. The “average” size of a woman in this country is a 12-16, not the 24-32 that was walking into the house last night. Obviously, these women are all gorgeous (not that their dresses helped, but we’ll get to that), but it is clear that Fox was trying to get some big ladies up in there for shock value.

2. The show is 100% about weight. I wouldn’t have a problem with discussing weight and weight issues on TV (hellooooo, Biggest Loser!), but this is supposed to be a show about finding love. That’s it. Why must every single person’s name, age, hometown, job and WEIGHT IN POUNDS be flashed on the screen whenever they speak!? Isn’t the show about falling in love based on what’s inside, not whatever number is being flashed to millions of Americans?

3. The dresses. It is clear that whoever dressed these women has never worked with a full figure before. The quadra-boob ratio was out of control, as were very unflattering cuts and shapes. And don’t even get me started on the hair-dos or makeup.

4. They were feeding the women. Meat. On a stick. Have you EVER seen anyone eating on The Bachelor? I think not.

5. Fox is taking advantage of vulnerable women. I’m not going to lie, I cried a bit last night when one of the girls mentioned how she’d never been on a date. I totally felt her pain. But then I had to wonder if Fox was bringing her on this show to find her love, or take advantage of the fact that she (and many of the other women) were extremely vulnerable with low self esteem, thus making some great TV.

6. The girl in the pool. I know that the creators have no control over what these women do, but I don’t think they needed to edit in that little bit where one lady jumped out of the pool in the most unflattering. possible. way. It was just plain mean.

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I See London, I See Paris (Not France)
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