Sure, They May Look Hot…

Let’s be honest, there is no one hotter in Hollywood right now than Adrian Grenier, Robert Pattinson (droooool), Gerard Butler and Jeremy Piven. I can’t even log how many hours I’ve devoted to watching/drooling/fantasizing/doing other inappropriate things that no one but me and my pocket rocket (and neighbor who lives on the other side of my very thin wall) need to know about.

Seeing these guys on screen makes my heart hurt, because I know deep down that never in my life will I have the chance to meet them, let alone see them in the buff.

But now I’m realizing that maybe I don’t want to. And maybe those boys aren’t quite as perfect as I once thought. In fact, they’re actually kinda gross.

Hairy asses? Pit stains? Digging for gold (in both nose and anus)? Sure, Gerard Butler is hot, but even he can’t make a booger look cute. And I don’t even want to think about running my hands through Grenier’s hair…down there.


It’s pictures like this that make Madonna’s arms look sexy.

Introducing: The Best. Workout. Ever.
Introducing: The Best. Workout. Ever.
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