Makeup 101: Prepare for the Transition into Fall

Usually I hate when things happen ahead of season, like when Halloween stuff starts popping up in August, or when Christmas decorations are everywhere in September.  In general it is just plain wrong.  I don’t need a blow up outdoor Santa snow globe before Halloween has even passed.  Actually, I don’t need one of those at all.  Ever.

However, there’s one thing that I don’t mind arriving a wee bit early, and that’s next season’s makeup trends (or any fashion for that matter); it’s never too early to look into/play around with the new fall colors.

Now’s the time to get your makeup bag ready for fall and I’m here to help. You should be glad I’m not actually there with you, because I’d be trying on every lip gloss you got and curling my eyelashes instead of really helping. But I digress. I’ll tell you what to keep, what to toss, and what to buy for Back To School season.

You don’t have to do it right now (obviously), but just keep your eye out for the colors of fall and prepare yourself to part with the makeup of the summer.

First of all, it’s a good idea to clean out your makeup bag every season.  Check things for expiration dates and think back to the last time you used a product.  Check out these tips to find out how long you should keep mascaras, shadows, and lip glosses.

Once you’ve cleared out the cakey makeup you bought for the 7th grade play or the chunky glitter you used for a middle school dance, you can take a look at more recent cosmetics.  This summer was big on blue hues and light tones, but these are inappropriate for the fall.  Put those puppies somewhere safe (and cool – you don’t want them growing any bacteria), and take your nude tones while you’re at it. The fall is all about dark colors.

Don’t have any dark tones? It’s time to get some in hues like purple, berry tones, and black. To start incorporating these colors into your collection, check out some of these products:

Purple: Pick a deep plum color and use as a liner for a subtle effect, or sweep over your whole lid for a more dramatic effect.  If you choose a powder shade, like this one from Bare Escentuals in Legit, you can use it now for light color layers and then pile it on wet in the fall for a darker, more dramatic look.

Berry: Gone are the nude lips of summer, and deep berry colors are in.  This is a pretty big switch from the natural look of the summer so don’t test this out too early.  When the summer fades away, keep the rest of your look light and try out a bright berry like this one from NARS in Russian Doll.

Black: Thick black eyes are going to be in style for an intense night look.  Try this cream eyeliner pot from Smashbox and use it as a thick eyeliner by sweeping it over your upper and lower lash line.  Fall is going to be especially dramatic with bold black being used on lids – not just lash lines – so don’t be afraid to use black as a shadow.

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