Duke It Out: Date a Geek?

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The fan orgy that is Comic-Con has finally ended and as I watch my BF pour over the web coverage hoping to find some hidden tidbit about the next Batman movie, I have to wonder, have geeks replaced jocks as the guys we want to be with?

It seems like in the last few years I’ve read a lot of things encouraging the nerd love. There are dating sites dedicated solely to men of this ilk and enough Google hits for “date a geek” to boggle this writer’s mind. Geek culture is out in the open and everyone’s flying their freak flag (even us at College Candy!). And the nerd-set definitely has a few aces in the hole; by nature they prove themselves to be passionately dedicated to their obsession of choice, they tend to be smart, well-read, and (in my experience) they often have a touch of that hopeless romantic we’ve all pined after in rom-coms.

But, on the downside, the odds of that cuddly little nerd ever turning into the gorgeous hunk of man-candy you drool over at the beach (you know you do) is pretty low. And there’s a reason we aren’t inherently attracted to the scrawny, pale types – biologically we are programmed to respond to physical fitness as a trait of an ideal mate. Also, dating a geek generally entails spending a fair amount of time immersed in whatever his particular brand of nerdom is (did I mention my BF is still looking up Batman?) and if his special obsession doesn’t appeal to you, well… I’ve known guys who broke up with girls for favoring Star Trek over Star Wars.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that most of the things I’ve mentioned above are part of the stereotypical geek, and no one will perfectly match up to it. Most of us have our own little nerdy things going on – I have read a certain Hobbit-oriented book no less than seven times – so it’s probably not fair to judge based solely on the geek-factor. But with everyone from movie studios to women’s mags clamoring after these guys, there’s no question we’re living in the age of the geek.

So what do you think, ladies? Are you down with dating the kid in the Chewbacca t-shirt? Are you totally over the geek craze? Would you put up with his love of comics/sci-fi/online gaming? Or do you prefer your men a little more traditional?

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