Everything Old is New Again: Vintage Finds Online

I have this awesome Chinese cut red dress. The tag says it’s a size 14 but it’s form fitting if you’re a sexy eight. But you know back during the 40s sizes were just different. There was a war going on then, you know. I wasn’t there. I heard about it from my grandma, the original owner of the dress.

In any case, in the event that you don’t have a grandmother who stock piles everything that she and her children have owned since BIRTH you might need a place to fill your vintage needs. Because vintage clothes are awesome and pretty and everyone needs some.

Fortunately, the internet is there for you:

1) Mod Cloth

This is a fun little boutique featuring everything from dresses to shoes. You don’t see many retailers sporting vintage shoes, so this is a rare find. Or maybe I just love shoes. Too much. Anyways, they also carry a wealth of accessories to augment your perfect retro look whether it be 40’s swing or 60’s flower child.

And they’re giving it all to you for 15% off until August 8th! Just shop your vintage little heart out, put it all in your “basket,” then enter the super special code (ModCandy 15) at checkout! That’s it. 15% off some of the cutest vintage-inspired goods on the web.

2) Newport News

Didn’t expect to see this site on the list, huh? Well here’s the thing, you find the greatest treasures off the beaten path. Although there’s nothing vintage about their clothes, their shoe selection has some fantastic vintage-inspired finds. Nestled in between all the smart shoes for work there are a few hidden gems. Look towards the boot section and pumps.

3) ChinaTowner

Another clothing site filled to the brim with great clothes. The site actually caters to many different styles. There are quite a few vintage inspired dresses and tops among the ranks as well as some really cute jackets and blazers. It’s summer now so you can catch a few good deals on the winter stock.

4) Baby Girl Boutique

This site is quite a bit more pricier than the others listed here but well worth it. They carry dresses and shoes centering around the Pin Up look. Got curves? Then try this place. Nothing looks sexier on a girl with curves than a cute dress and a pair of killer pumps. Channel your inner Monroe on this site.

5) Red Dress Shoppe

This is a site much like Baby Girl but a little more cost friendly. The selection isn’t as big, but what they do have is stellar. They spotlight mostly the 40s and 50s in their clothes, but there are few 60 surprises mixed in there as well. Where this site really shines is the price. Even the full price items are pretty low on the cost scale so you can build a wardrobe with a bulk of these items and pick up a few pricier items from one of the other shops.

6) Antidote Clothing

I love this site. Simply because it has EVERYTHING. I could spend hours browsing through pages of clothes and still find something new everyday. They have clothing inspired by the 20’s onward. The site itself is a little all over the place but fairly simple to navigate.

7) Pinup Girl Clothing

At first glance you would think that it’s all waist cinching dresses and five inch heels. But that’s only the first glance. This site also carries the cutest mini dresses. Sure we all want to be Bettie Page, but sometimes we want to be Twiggy too. And this site lets you do it.

8 ) Phix Clothing

Much like VH1, I love the 80’s and you know you do too. Cyndi Lauper was so hot. I’m not ashamed to admit my love of 80’s pop icons! Bright colors and a sea of ruffles. Stockings, leg warmers, the whole nine. This site has it all.

9) The Vintage Vault

It’s all fine and dandy to have vintage inspired clothes, but nothing sets you apart from the crowd like real vintage wear. And its not always expensive. Take this site, for example; the prices are reasonable and the selection is good. Pick up a few items to add an authentic feel to your wardrobe.

No matter what decade you’re channeling there’s an online store out there for you. No need to deal with the scents and sounds of the local Salvation Army – you can get your vintage fix from the comforts of your very own desk (or bathroom, if that’s how you roll).

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