Go Golden With Real 24 Karat Gold Beauty Products

gold beauty

Decadent beauty doesn’t get much more luxurious than pampering your skin with real 24K gold (unless of course, you want to bathe in diamonds, but this is your face we’re talking about here). And as a modern makeup maven, you deserve the best… and the prettiest, of course!

As a compulsive beauty buyer, I can’t help but notice that products featuring shimmer and sparkle are being upgraded lately to include real gold flakes in addition to mica — both for its glittery shine factor and its role as a skin-aiding mineral. From moisturizing golden hair pomade to solid gold flake sheets for an opaque gilded look, these products certainly give a fresher, much younger connotation to the term “Golden Girl!” Flip through the slideshow for some of my favorite Midas-touched products.

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