Wardrobe Wish List: The Little Letter Monogrammed Makeup Bag

I’m kind of in love with personalization. Whenever I spot a monogram, I’m instantly taken back to memories of elementary school–naps, milk and cookies, frilly dresses and labeled everything. Backpack, clothing, and blanket included. Not only was this trend adorable, it was also insanely helpful when you left your beach bag at the pool or your mittens on the bus. If it had your initials on it, you could get it back.

Obviously, this is the perfect feature to apply to a college-friendly accessory.

This is where The Little Letter steps in. The company provides “unique personalized gifts” for babies, children, and adults. For a monogram lover, the adult offerings are to die for. Chic jewelry, cozy robes, and cute clutches can all be personalized with your initials. My favorite offering from the site, however, happens to be their Emma Cosmetic Case.

The Emma ranges in price from $30-62, depending on your style choices, and girl, you get to pick everything. We’re talking the size of the bag, fabric, monogram fabric and color, and monogram format. There are over 100 different fabrics to choose from! Personalization to the max! Plus, the bag is coated with clear vinyl so it’s easy to clean and won’t stain. No one will have anything like it, and because your initials are on it, your roommate can’t take it and claim it as her own when everyone tells her how cute it is (like she did with your favorite tube top, your American Apparel deep V tee, and that brownie your mom sent you…)

Personally, (hee hee) I’m going to be adding some lower-school nostalgia to my back-to-campus shopping list with help from The Little Letter!

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